Agreement (To be completed by the company owner)

You are requesting that IDL register or transfer an Internet domain name on your behalf. This is a request to register a domain and it does not guarantee this domain will be avilable or that IDL will be able to register it on your behalf. IDL reserves the right to refuse to register any domain. IDL generally requires payment upfront for domain registerations.

You must also take up an IDL Hosting Service or Business Service that includes domain registration.

Domain Name
This domain must be an:
exactly match, acronym or abbreviation of the registrant's company or trading name, organization or associaton name or trademark, or
otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant

Domain Name Password
You can recover your password at
or click here.

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Last Name
Company Name
Email Address
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Organisation Type
Existing IDL Username
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Choose Hosting Plan (Hosting Packages)

I agree to Netregistry'ss Terms & Conditions. Click here to review. IDL is a reseller of domains through Netregistry.
I understand that the information provided on this form (apart from your IDL username and password) will be publically avilable.
I agree to pay in full for the domain registration and understand it can not be cancelled or changed once requested.

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