IDL Support - Common Questions

Did you know that IDL's call centre is located at Warabrook only 10 minutes drive from the Newcastle CBD and we can configure most systems for you hands on here?

  • What IDL provide's support for?
    • Sending and receiving IDL e-mail for customers directly connected to one of IDL's Internet services using one of the following e-mail clients.
    • Outlook, Outlook Express, Live mail & most other Microsoft clients.
    • Mac Mail & most other Apple clients.
    • Other compatible clients at our office only.
    • Basic setup of routers/devices purchased from IDL.
    • We generally support configuration of our services on all major operating systems including:-
    • Windows 2000 or newer
    • Mac OSX or newer
    • iPhone, iPad & iPod (hands on at our office only)
    • Android based phones and tablets (hands on at our office only)
    • Other Operating Systems & Devices (hands on at our office only)
  • What IDL does NOT provide support for?
    • Broadband routers, bridges, modems & WLAN cards NOT purchased from IDL Internet. Although we will generally configure them if you bring them to our office.
    • Internal networks; including Wireless, LANs, WANs & VPNs.
    • Mail server software.
    • E-Mail issues for users connected to another Internet provider.
    • Firewall Software / Hardware.
    • Advanced Router Setup including port forwarding and QoS.
    • Debugging / Problem solving CGI, PERL, HTML, JAVA, PHP etc.
    • Designing web pages & submitting to search engines.
    • Configuration of gateway / firewall machines including Linux & other server operating systems.
    • Hardware faults (Non-modem / Internet related).
    • Viruses and virus scanning software for your PC.
    • Non-Internet related issues, e.g. Windows upgrades, display resolution etc.
  • Advanced configuration settings for IDL
      Click here for advanced setup info which is provided for quick setup by advanced users and I.T. companies.
  • Contact Information

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